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Please read our Membership Agreement.
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For employees of the State of Louisiana.
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For employees of private companies.
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  Fully complies with all Louisiana Insurance Laws.

  Louisiana owned, administered and underwritten.

  No waiting periods.

  No annual or lifetime maximums.

  No claim forms.

  No deductible.

  Most pre-existing conditions covered.

  Doctor supported.

Membership Summary

Membership Agreement

Membership Subscription Instructions

Participating Dentists

Benefit Schedule

Rate Schedule

Disclaimer: All Photos on this website feature professional models who are not clients of Q-Dent, nor any participating dentist. The use intended is to illustrate how important attractive teeth and a confident smile are to living a healthy, happy and productive life.

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Welcome to the Q-Dent.Com Website

Q-Dent is Louisiana owned and fully complies with all insurance laws. The plan is marketed and administered by Dental Management Corporation, which is also a Louisiana Corporation. The plan is underwritten and insured by Guaranty Income Life Insurance Company which has been a strong Louisiana insurer since 1926.

Providing Dentists

Q-Dent has participating dentists conveniently located in your area which provide our participants with high quality dental care. If you do not use a providing dentist, full benefit and savings of the plan will not be realized. This should be considered prior to your enrollment.

Benefit Date

There are no waiting periods with Q-Dent. You are eligible for service on your effective date (date on I.D. card).

Who Can Be Covered?

You may cover yourself, your spouse and your children until the age 26 and Grand children who are in the Legal custody of and residing with the Grandparent until the age of 26.

No Maximums

There are no annual or lifetime maximums with Q-Dent.

Agreement Term

An agreement term is for a 12 month period of time. During each agreement term we are obligated to provide all policy benefits and you are obligated to pay your monthly premium. Unless you or we choose not to renew the policy a new agreement term will commence upon expiration of the first year of each subsequent agreement term. Q-Dent guarantees your rates for 12 months from your effective date. This means no rate increase if you do not allow your policy to lapse.

No Claim Forms

You pay only the amount listed in the policy for each procedure directly to the dentist. If a procedure has Non-listed you pay nothing.

No Deductibles

You have first dollar coverage. There are no annual deductibles to satisfy.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Most pre-existing conditions are covered, an exception would be treatment in progress at the time of enrollment.

Premium Rates

Premiums are guaranteed for 1 year (12 months) from the original effective date as long as coverage has been continuous. If a policy lapses during this time, new rates may apply at the option of the company.

Choosing a Dentist

You must choos a family dentist who is willing to service your policy.Q-Dent will furnish a directory of the dentist who participate in the plan and who will accept your policy. All Family Members must use the same dentist you choose. Before you choose a dentist, take time to check your family's dental care needs. You may want to call the dentist you are considering before you make your selection. You are expected to stay with the first dentist you choose for one year. You should not hurry this important decision. You must name a dentist on your Membership Subscription Application.

Membership Agreement Statement

Q-Dent can only deliver maximum benefits to subscribers who stay in the plan for one year or more, since prepaid dental insurance plans do not pay claims like indemnity insurance. The fully prepaid dental services and the partially prepaid services that are included in the policy are the benefits the Q-Dent Dental Plan offers to its members. PLEASE NOTE: Under the terms and provisions of the Q-Dent Membership Agreement and the policy YOU MUST PAY ALL COPAYMENTS to the Dentist you choose.


Group enrollment through your employer saves you money on your monthly premium. If inadequate or no dental coverage is offered through your employer please contact us so we can arrange to explain this plan to your employer and how it can be made available to you and other employees with no obligation. You may enroll as an individual if you do not work for an employer where a group has been established. Enrollment on an individual basis is done through a convenient bank draft through your personal checking account.


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